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Koko is Columbia, South Carolina’s most experienced female Radio Announcer, and has rightfully earned the title, “Midday’s 1st Lady”. Making a person’s day brighter has always been an important element in the life of this dynamic Radio Personality.

Koko takes to the airwaves weekdays from 10a-3p, and serves a “5 Star menu of Classic Rock on Koko's Kafe' from noon til 1pm. 
"A course in TV Broadcasting persuaded me to pursue other avenues in the broadcasting field...(I didn't want to be recognized at the grocery store with curlers in my hair").

"I started my career as an Intern in radio, then got my B.A. in Business Management. Since then, I've worked every format except Country, but  FOX 102 is my home".

"My most memorable interviews were with Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith, David Crosby of CROSBY, Stills and Nash, Julian Lennon, Neil Schon and Comedian, Carrot Top.   Visit Koko's Kafe',


 Astrological Sign: Closed!

 Hometown: Sacramento

 Hobbies: Singing, playing the piano, crochet 

 Turn Ons: Military Anything

 Turn Offs: Ignorance

 Hobbies: music, crafts

 Top 3 Bands: Aerosmith, Aerosmith, Aerosmith

 First Concert: Aerosmith in L.A.

 Best Concert: Aerosmith in Columbai

 Top 3 Movies: Olympus Has Fallen, The Bible, Beaches

 Top 3 TV Shows: Touched By an Angel,The Waltons, Matlock

 Gamecocks, Tigers, or.: May the best team win!

 If I won the Powerball I would: Own FOX 102